It takes a Team!
Part of patient care is being a patient advocate. Part of being that
advocate includes ensuring that all details in regards to transfer are taken
care of. Miller EMS will work with you as a team to ensure all of the
following are complete. We respectfully request your cooperation.
Requesting a Transfer
Call our dispatch and be prepared with patient information. Our
dispatcher will ask several questions all of which are routine and
questions may include:
  • Patient name and age
  • Chief complaints and diagnosis / reason for transport
  • What care is currently being provided and what other special
    equipment like cardiac monitors, ventilators etc. are required.
  • Patients location or room number at your facility
  • Destination facility and room number patient is to be taken

Provide Paperwork and Information:
In order to ensure your patient receives the best care from start to
finish please provide our crews with the following upon their arrival:
  • A complete face to face report which should include patients
    chief complaint, any treatments you have going, treatments
    you have planned that need to be started during transport,
    pertinent lab values and other information critical to patient
  • Provide the crew with a copy of the same patient information
    sheet your facility requires. We require the same information
    that your facility requires in order to effectively process
    patient information.
  • A properly completed physician certification statement form
    that necessitates transport. The nurse or doctor must sign AND
    print their name on this form and it must have a valid reason
    for transport in order to be accepted by CMS or other insurance
    companies. Reasons for transport must be specific conditions
    that require medical professional attention. Items like "higher
    level of care" or "Possibility of Death" and other broad items are
    not acceptable reasons for transport, in themselves. Please
    remember "specific".

Whether you're sending a patient with our crew or receiving one
from our crew we strive for expedience. We understand that
sometimes things happen that cause a delay in getting a patient
onto or off of the EMS stretcher. We do however respectfully
request that you work diligently but quickly with our crews so
that the patient may be moved as quickly as possible to reduce
the possibility of unnecessary stress to the patient, the hospital
system or the EMS system.

Face to Face reporting:
One way Miller EMS ensures continuity of care is by requiring
face to face reporting. Our EMS crew must receive report from
the nurse who is actually involved in the patients care upon
picking up a patient.

Upon dropping off the patient the EMS crew must give a face to  
face bedside report. We request the nurse to be present in the
room with the patient during this report.
Prepare   -     Call    -    Information Exchange       

Expedience    -    Face to Face Reporting