Miller EMS
Miller EMS is an employee focused, patient centered provider of emergency medical and mobile health services for several communities across Oklahoma.
Ambulance Dispatch
(877) 395-0911
Business Number
(580) 395-2426
Forever in our hearts are
those who have gone
before us. This is not good
bye it is simply "I'll see you
later". Rest easy brothers
and sisters. We have it from
Miller EMS is committed to our team. That is why we are one of the highest
paying ambulance services in Oklahoma. It is our intent to offer a compensation
and benefits package that allow our team members to make a living wage
without having to work multiple part time jobs to do so. Come grow with us as we
become Oklahoma's premiere provider of emergency medical and mobile
health services!
One of the highest paying EMS systems in Oklahoma
From metro to rural, critical
care to basic life support,
Miller EMS adapts to all.
Versatile would be an understatement if used
to describe Miller EMS. As a provider that
responds to calls in one of the largest metro
areas in Oklahoma (961,000 people) and
some of the smallest communities in
Oklahoma (9 people), and everything in
between, Miller EMS is very experienced in
meeting the needs of this vastly varying
population and demographic. Our team of
highly experienced and professional
practitioners, skilled communications
specialists, and proactive management team
work seamlessly together to ensure the
highest degree of accuracy. We handle all
types of calls including 911 calls, inter-facilty
transfers, critical care transfers, special
events, discharge transfers, and special
teams assignments.
Community Oriented Service
Miller EMS always enjoys an opportunity to work with the people of the
communities we serve. The following are a few of the outreach programs we offer
to help improve your knowledge of who we are and in many cases improve your
knowledge of what to do in an emergency situation.

Ambulance and station tours/visits

CPR Classes

First Aid Classes

To arrange a class or a visit please contact our business office at (580) 395-2426
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