Subscription ambulance service
What is CAREplan?
CAREplan is Miller EMS’ money saving subscription service that not only helps to offset the cost of an
ambulance transport but, also helps to prevent suffering a life threatening medical emergency and the high
costs associated with a medical emergency.

CAREplan offers both subscription ambulance service and home visit service.

Subscription ambulance service
An ambulance ride can be costly even for those patients with insurance. CAREplan offers a no out-of-pocket
expense guarantee to insured members and a reduced cost plan to those members without insurance for
ambulance transport.

How does it work for insured members?
As an insured CAREplan member you will experience no out-of-pocket expenses for medically necessary
ambulance transports. Miller EMS will bill your insurance only and will accept what they pay as payment in full.

What if I’m not insured?
Anyone is welcome to enroll in this plan even those without insurance. As an uninsured CAREplan member
you will experience a 40% reduction in your ambulance bill for medically necessary transports. Need a
payment plan? We encourage you to inquire with our billing office about a payment plan.

Home visits
For an additional fee, Miller EMS will regularly visit you at your home (every other week). Our EMS staff will
offer vital sign and wellness check-ups, medication compliance assistance, brief safety inspection,
nutrition/food/water availability, and environmental check. They will also check to ensure your address is
displayed clearly so that emergency responders can find you and that you have a clear ingress and egress to
your home out to your driveway, street side, or where you park your car. Restrictions apply. Home visits are
not offered in all Miler EMS service areas. Please contact our office to inquire about availability and pricing.

Enrollment cost

Subscriptions are applicable to all permanent members of the household.

Enrollment instructions
To enroll, simply fill out the attached enrollment form completely and click submit:

Questions or need help filling out the form? Give us a call at (580) 395-2426 between the hours of 9am and
4pm Mon-Fri and one of our patient account specialists will be happy to assist you.