Miller EMS offers a money saving subscription plan called  CAREplan that helps you save
money in the event of a medical emergency requiring you to utilize our ambulance service.
The program also helps to ensure your local Miller EMS ambulance service remains
operational and ready to respond to emergencies.

A CAREplan membership can mean big savings to its members by reducing, or even
eliminating, the out-of-pocket expense associated with ambulance transport. If we have to
transport you, or any permanent member of your household, we will accept what your
insurance pays as payment in full and will forward no patient responsibility portion to you.

Even members without medical insurance can take advantage of the savings. Non-insured
members will experience a 40% reduction in their ambulance bill and will be considered for
acceptance into a payment program.

One membership covers everyone who permanently resides in your household.

Your subscription matters

Besides saving you big bucks, the subscription program helps you, your friends, and your
family by ensuring an ambulance is ready to respond at all times. Your annual fee is utilized
by Miller EMS to help defray operational expenses of maintaining the ambulance service in
ready condition.

Broad coverage

Miller EMS provides both pre-hospital (911) ambulance service and inter-facility (hospital to
hospital) ambulance service to several towns and counties across Oklahoma. As a member
your benefits are applicable to any pre-hospital or medically necessary inter-facility transport
made by a Miller EMS ambulance regardless of where you are.

Signing up is easy

Sign up to save money and help your local ambulance service.
Simply print the form from
the link below, fill it out and send it in
. If you require assistance filling out this form or
want more information about our program please feel free to call us Monday through Friday
9am to 4pm. We are happy to answer any questions you have.

Feel free to call us at: (580) 395-2426

The annual subscription for this money saving program is only $84

This program is applicable in all Miller EMS service areas or for any medically necessary
transport made by a Miller EMS ambulance

You may pay with check or credit card.

To pay with credit card and sign up over the phone please call our office between the hours
of 9am and 4pm Monday-Friday at (580) 395-2426
Miller EMS' money saving ambulance subscription plan
CAREplan Sign Up Form
The privacy of you and your loved ones is our top priority. For that
reason, electronic/online sign up is still under construction.
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